True Reflection

A home should reflect the identity of the people who live in it while providing functionality through design, which is exactly what Mata Air Persada has accomplished with this project in Menteng.

Located on Mangunsaskoro Street in Menteng, the design of this residence has blended both modern and natural styles with a strong, homely feel. “The inspiration came from the clients themselves,” said Leonard Tambunan from Mata Air Persada when Indonesia Tatler Homes caught up with him.

“The parents and their two children have a very strong connection, since they all work in the same office, so the house design needed to also strengthen that bond,” said Tambunan. He added that the clients gave him total freedom to explore any style of design for their house—but with one caveat: “Anything but classic.”

So, bearing in mind the iconic Colonial architectural styles that the Menteng area is famous for, Tambunan decided to keep the heritage look intact, but to combine it with a relaxing ambience created by frangipani trees a resort-style terrace ladder. The main entrance also boasts an elegant look.

The clients’ appreciation of Indonesian heritage is also seen inside the residence, which beautifully combines it with touches of Chinese Peranakan culture. This unique combination of two cultures has created a perfect blend on the 1,000-square-metre site. “Without changing the richness of Indonesian culture, they also wanted to add Oriental touches to the design, like the ornament that we used as the main door handle.”

The design and build process took only nine months, with quick-turnaround jobs a hallmark of Mata Air Persada. “Time management is always an important factor for us,” said Tambunan. “We have a background in construction management, so we always stay on schedule. Within those nine months, we still came out with a fabulously designed, high-quality product.”

Throughout the project, Mata Air Persada also interpreted the meaning of elegance and the idea of a grand building. The first floor consists of the public areas, namely the living room, the kitchen and the dining area, plus a pool area that is demarked from the outside by a clear glass partition. This is so that the clients can experience a tropical outdoor atmosphere, even when indoors. Meanwhile, Art Deco columns are spread around the house.

The second-floor ceiling was designed with a rolling fold that surrounds a crystal chandelier, while jati wood is the main material used throughout. Tambunan added: “I’ve learned that home design should be handled by a design and build team who really understands the clients’ wants and needs. After all, it is the place where everyone spends much of their lives.

“A home should also be a place for people to interact and socialise with the people that they love. As an architect, my job is to ‘catch’ the clients’ identity and interpret it into both design and function, to provide for all the clients’ wants and needs. These are the essences of a ‘real’ home,” he said.

By Indonesia Tatler Editor on Dec 28, 2015